True South (again)

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Last night we went for dinner at ‘True South’ which is one of my favourite places to eat.

At the end of the evening, I declined coffee but asked if it was possible for me to have one of the tiny macaroons that they serve with coffee because they are seriously good.

The waitress lets me know that this would not be possible as they were only for people getting coffee, she goes on to mention, however, if one might accidently drop on the table when she brought out the coffee for other people, and if I was to eat it, then what could she do?

There was a mix-up however and the waitress brought out an extra coffee. I was forced to take it (so that I could legit get a macaroon), but when I spun the cup around, no macaroon! “No!”

Unfortunately, they’d run out of the tiny little, chewy biscuits of joy. I was shattered. The waitress took one look at my face and fled.

A few minutes later, the waitress was back holding aloft a single macaroon on a plate “I found this hidden in the kitchen.”

“Even if you found it under the stove, I’ll eat it!”

As we left at the end of the evening, Ross pushed a tip into the waitress’ hand saying “Thank you for making my wife happy.”


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I joined Ross and his Mum for their weekly lunch, we went to ‘Jellystone Cafe‘ in Brunswick. Delicious.

There was a group of about 6 young women at the table next to ours. One was outlining a terrible date she’d had the week before, ending with “He was such an Asshole!”

Her friend said “So you aren’t seeing him again?”

The response? “No, I’m seeing him tonight.”