TK vs the tin

Food, TK

We came home from doing the grocery shopping and he wanted me to open a tin of spaghetti and sausages (blech!) for him, I said no because it was nearly dinner time. Of course TK being TK, no wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear so he kept nagging for me to open it.

I finally said “If you want to eat it, you open it and heat it up yourself” So he started at the top of the (ring-top) can with a can opener. He’s 3 so I was totally confident he’d not be able to open it.

After about 5mins of trying to work out the can opener he noticed the pull ring, figuring out that this had something to do with how the can opens, he started working a fork underneath it… I was on the phone to so I was able to watch his progress… he got the pull ring flipped up with the fork then he put the handle of the fork through the ring then levered the fork like a see-saw and slowly worked the can open!!

It took him about 30mins but he opened the can and got the pot out all by himself. I figured he’d worked so hard to get into it that I’d heat it up for him.

Wellington airport at 1am

Poetry, Ross

We’d talked about what it would be like, those first few moments at the arrivals gate. He said he couldn’t wait for that moment or recognition, that moment as his eyes searched the waiting crowd, and move over my face, then stop, look back and for the first time, our eyes meet.

As the people slowly trickled through the international arrivals gate I ran my eyes over each one, worried I’d not recognise him from the few photos I’d seen. And then, suddenly he was there. I knew it was him straight away, his eyes swept over me, and then stopped. They move back to me. His eyes are on me and I know, and he knows and only we exist in the neon glow.

I don’t remember walking toward him, I only remember moving into his arms, and feeling his body shaking, I only remember the nervous smiles and that first trembling kiss.

As we walk out into the carpark, it begins to rain. Not big wet foreboding plops, but a light mist of summer rain. After the bags are in the car, I move into his arms again, this time we are away from the bright lights and chatter of the airport, and suddenly alone. Together.