Hop for Hope

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The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery are uniting to present ‘Hop for Hope’ – a collaborative art exhibition raising funds to keep children safe from violence and bullying. Nestled amongst the picturesque views of the Yarra Valley, the ‘Hop for Hope’ exhibition will showcase 40 larger than life-size kangaroos decorated and designed by iconic Australian artists and identities.
It was the perfect day for walking around the exhibition, taking photos and (of course) eating ice-cream. We had planned on having lunch there, but the cafe was absolutely packed, so we headed over to Healesville for lunch instead.

Any Roo for tennis? Poppy BlooRoo by Veronica Holland


Paloma by Rosetta Santucci (one of my favourites)


Jill by Elise Martinson at the front. and Michael Leunig’s Roo in the background.

Headshot Day

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The only thing that TK has ever really wanted to ‘be’, is an actor. Being an actor has parts of the job that aren’t really as much fun as you think that they might be.

Like headshot day. Headshot day is basically a lot of waiting, and then doing five very subtly different  poses.





This year, the finished product was definitely worth it.

The finished product

The finished product