Be Concise

Family, TK

TK was invited into (his potential) new highschool for an interview with the Principal. The night before the interview, TK’s dad rang him and gave him some advice: “Dress neatly, brush your teeth and be concise.”

Here are some quotes from that interview:
Principal: “So you go to your father’s house every other weekend? How do you get there?”
TK: “We go along the freeway, go through the tunnel, over the Westgate Bridge and turn right as we come off the other side.”
(I think the Principal was expecting “by bus” or “by car”).

Me:(During a conversation about responsibilities)”TK is a Library Monitor at his current school.”
TK: “Actually, I resigned today.”

Principal: “What is your absolute lest favourite subject?”
TK: “There isn’t a subject I really don’t like. Maybe Literacy. Except I really love to read and write stories.”

Me: (in the car on the way home) “How do you think you went?”
TK: “Good!”
Me: “I think you did well too. There where some places when you could have taken Dadda’s advice and been a bit more concise.”
TK: “I don’t even know what concise means.”
Me: “That’s something you should have told me yesterday.”

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