AdobeMAX2015, Design, Tourism

When I put in the request to go to AdobeMAX2015 in Los Angeles, I was pretty sure I’d be laughed at.

However, a senior manager got on board with the idea and … long story short, here I am!

I plan to take the time each evening to write up my notes from each days sessions. It might not work as well in practice as it sounds on paper, but it’s a plan.

I’m staying in the Hotel Figueroa, which is right across the road from the venue, and pretty funky.

When I arrived, the whole lobby of the hotel, and all the public areas were closed off, because there was a wrap party for ‘American Horror Story’ here and Lady GaGa was performing.

The pool has been closed since, as it’s currently a weird milky pink colour. Apparently they turned it red to look like blood and floated limbs in it! Welcome to LA.