AdobeMAX2015, Art

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I thought would make an excellent book idea. The only problem was, that in the afternoon, when I thought about writing the idea down, I couldn’t remember what the idea was.

This reminded me that my ‘Steal like an Artist’ Journal had a page to write dreams on. This morning, I wrote down last nights dream as soon as I woke up.

I was an inventor who designed a bra that slowly released medication that was absorbed through the skin.


Austin Kleon

AdobeMAX2015, Art, Design

One of my favourite sessions at AdobeMAX was Austin Kleon.

Austin ‘a writer who draws’.  The session was meant to be on creating an analog desk, but he walked into the room and announced he had a better talk to give.  His new talk was on ‘How to Make Friends Online’.

Afterwards, I got my ‘Steal like an Artist’ Journal signed, and told him how much I like the fact that his personal brand is really strong. His books, his website, his Instagram… they all look and feel like they are part of the same bigger package, and I think that’s a real skill.