Paper Planes


The American flag outside the American Embassy was put to half mast this morning, the embassy is across the road from TK’s creche, he watched, then  asked why the flag was being lowered, his teachers explained  to him that it was because lots of people had been hurt, and then they (the teachers) suggested that they take flowers over to the Embassy, as a mark of respect.

TK proudly carried his purple flowers forward and placed them under the flag, then stood back and waited while his friends did the same. Then he waited, eyes on the flag. When his teachers told him it was time to go, he turned back to the teacher and started crying.

TK had thought that by putting the flowers under the flag that would make the people better and the flag would therefore rise again.

He also made 2 cardboard planes and asked me to send them to replace the ones ‘the bad men’ had broken.

Sept 11, 2001.


Ross phoned me at 2am this morning, (that’s about 9am NY time), he told me to turn on the TV.

“Which channel?”, I ask. “any channel it doesn’t matter.”

I watched until 4am my time, guiltily grateful that I could turn it off, guiltily grateful right now that I live in New Zealand. I’ve been thinking about everyone of you who live in America since and my thoughts are with you, your friends and your family now.

I remember driving around the base of the empire state building and the world trade centre — stuck in peek hour, grid locked traffic and peering up into the sky being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the buildings, the size of NYC. I can’t comprehend that something like this would happen, could happen….

Ross and I spent about 2hrs on the phone this morning, both of us had our eyes glued to CNN or BBC World, hardly speaking, yet the phone was pressed firmly to my ear, wanting to be closer, needing him near.