Paper Planes


The American flag outside the American Embassy was put to half mast this morning, the embassy is across the road from TK’s creche, he watched, then  asked why the flag was being lowered, his teachers explained  to him that it was because lots of people had been hurt, and then they (the teachers) suggested that they take flowers over to the Embassy, as a mark of respect.

TK proudly carried his purple flowers forward and placed them under the flag, then stood back and waited while his friends did the same. Then he waited, eyes on the flag. When his teachers told him it was time to go, he turned back to the teacher and started crying.

TK had thought that by putting the flowers under the flag that would make the people better and the flag would therefore rise again.

He also made 2 cardboard planes and asked me to send them to replace the ones ‘the bad men’ had broken.

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